Where Jean Harlow Walked. Part 1

A few years ago after I had visited Bullocks on Wilshire, which is now a law school, I came home and started going through Jean Harlow photos. I don’t remember why I was going through photos of Harlow but as I was looking through them, one jumped out at me and I realized I was just at that exact same spot Harlow had taken that photo at! I did more digging and I came across more photos of Jean Harlow at the Bullocks building which look almost exactly the same today!  In this post I have gathered the photos of Jean that were all taken in the same room at the Bullocks building in Los Angeles. Many more photos of Jean were taken at Bullocks in different rooms but that’s another post and more investigating.  Bullocks was a high end department store,located at 3050 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles. Clark Gable and Greta Garbo were a few of the many stars who shopped here. Legendary costume designer Irene also had a salon on the second floor.

I am guessing it was a convenient place for Harlow to take photos here. They had their pick at gowns, most likely by designer Irene and lovely back drops for the photos already set. Of course these photo of Harlow are publicity for MGM and were taken by George Hurrell.

Jean Harlow by the dressing rooms at Bullocks. This spot looks nearly the same.
My side by side comparison. I was lucky enough to do a photo shoot here!

                                More photos of me by my favorite doors in the world!


Jean Harlow looking beautiful! The photo below you can see I am sitting in front of the very same painting Harlow is standing by in the above photo.


                                                The same painting/spot below as well.



Jean Harlow of course in the same room but in a different spot again. The painting is the exact one that hangs in the same place below. The dresser you also see Harlow standing in front is still in that room but just in another spot. The same dresser is in the photo below and was located on the other wall kitty corner when I was there.



Here I am in the same place as the above photo of Harlow.
The fireplace appears to have been altered but it is the same one!
The fire place as it looks today!
If you haven’t guessed already, I love to go to the Bullocks building!
One of my favorite photos I have taken in the building.
This room was the La Directoire room. It resembles a private dining room of the Louis XVI era. Evening gowns were originally sold here. The light was dim in this room so you could see how your evening dresses would look at night!
I was fortunate enough to do a personal photo shoot at Bullocks but they do open up their doors to the public once a year which I gladly attend!



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