Estate Sales,Miracle Mile style.

Today we stopped by an estate sale right in our neighborhood! It was a dog lovers dream! A vintage dog lovers dream 😉


But through the treasure of pups I found a designer Irene suit set while browsing through the Art Deco green bathroom. Designer Irene made costumes for Ginger Rogers and Claudette Colbert to name a few. By 1943 Irene was the lead costume designer at MGM.

Irene had a clothing salon at the department store Bullocks on Wilshire.  This photo is the suit I found and the jacket fits like a dream.


A peek inside this historic duplex in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles. Lots of great paintings and fun treasures! My favorite of course is the Art Deco green bathroom.


Imagine sipping some ice tea with the summer breeze coming in while listening to the old gramaphone. This home suited my taste buds.


Ended the morning at my favorite cafe, Olson’s Scandinavian. Of course not only does this place make me feel at home it also has vintage charm! Greta Garbo would of approved. Have a great weekend!



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