Estate sales,Hollywood style.

I love going to estate sales to see inside houses that have untouched original features left. Today I went to the estate sale of Earl Adams,famed Hollywood hairdresser. He was Veronica Lake’s hairdresser from 1945-48. Earl Adams was responsible for her gorgeous waves. The house also once belonged to the Max Factor family, so its safe to say this house has many beauty secrets.

Earl Adams did actress Veronica Lake’s hair.
Here we have the very cute storybook house. Max Factor family and then Earl Adams lived here.
The main hallway of the house.
The Salon!
Loved the pool area!
How vintage fantastic is this kitchen?



Here are some of the goodies I found at the estate sale. Old beauty books and hair combs. I also loved the statue that is a hairdresser of the year award for Earl Adams. My cat Lulu had to get in the photo too! I hope you enjoyed a peek inside this old Hollywood home! I hope to bring you more!


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