Jean Harlow at Max Factor.


Currently the Hollywood Museum has a great Jean Harlow exhibit. The Hollywood Museum is in the famous Max Factor building and is a must visit to anyone traveling to Hollywood. Its one of my favorite places to roam around in!

Jean Harlow cut the ribbon for the Blondes only room when Max Factor opened up his salon here in Hollywood, today you can go into the very same room. You can still feel the old Hollywood energy.


Photo of Jean Harlow on the opening day of Max Factor’s grand salon!


One of the highlights of the exhibit was the huge portrait of Harlow by Tino Costa, commissioned by her mother. The painting was lost for 50 years! This is its first public display since 1937! If you look closely you can see the sapphire ring William Powell gave to Jean. The painting is titled ‘Farewell to earth’.
Another painting I was really excited to see! This mural was commissioned by Harlow’s first husband, MGM producer, Paul Bern. Jean Harlow is in the middle. The painting depicts Harlow’s rise to the inner circle within the movie world at MGM.  Looks very much like the last supper! Rumor has it, Harlow didn’t care for this painting. 
This was actually one of my favorite things on display. Jean Harlow’s compact.
Jean Harlow’s french glitter pocket mirror!





I encourage everyone to go to the Jean Harlow exhibit if you are in Los Angeles! It is well worth it! I had to go twice! Its so fun viewing all of the personal items of Jean Harlow, it was such a treat for me! 🙂  I hope you enjoyed the photos.


Where Jean Harlow Walked. Part 1

A few years ago after I had visited Bullocks on Wilshire, which is now a law school, I came home and started going through Jean Harlow photos. I don’t remember why I was going through photos of Harlow but as I was looking through them, one jumped out at me and I realized I was just at that exact same spot Harlow had taken that photo at! I did more digging and I came across more photos of Jean Harlow at the Bullocks building which look almost exactly the same today!  In this post I have gathered the photos of Jean that were all taken in the same room at the Bullocks building in Los Angeles. Many more photos of Jean were taken at Bullocks in different rooms but that’s another post and more investigating.  Bullocks was a high end department store,located at 3050 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles. Clark Gable and Greta Garbo were a few of the many stars who shopped here. Legendary costume designer Irene also had a salon on the second floor.

I am guessing it was a convenient place for Harlow to take photos here. They had their pick at gowns, most likely by designer Irene and lovely back drops for the photos already set. Of course these photo of Harlow are publicity for MGM and were taken by George Hurrell.

Jean Harlow by the dressing rooms at Bullocks. This spot looks nearly the same.
My side by side comparison. I was lucky enough to do a photo shoot here!

                                More photos of me by my favorite doors in the world!


Jean Harlow looking beautiful! The photo below you can see I am sitting in front of the very same painting Harlow is standing by in the above photo.


                                                The same painting/spot below as well.



Jean Harlow of course in the same room but in a different spot again. The painting is the exact one that hangs in the same place below. The dresser you also see Harlow standing in front is still in that room but just in another spot. The same dresser is in the photo below and was located on the other wall kitty corner when I was there.



Here I am in the same place as the above photo of Harlow.
The fireplace appears to have been altered but it is the same one!
The fire place as it looks today!
If you haven’t guessed already, I love to go to the Bullocks building!
One of my favorite photos I have taken in the building.
This room was the La Directoire room. It resembles a private dining room of the Louis XVI era. Evening gowns were originally sold here. The light was dim in this room so you could see how your evening dresses would look at night!
I was fortunate enough to do a personal photo shoot at Bullocks but they do open up their doors to the public once a year which I gladly attend!


Estate Sales,Miracle Mile style.

Today we stopped by an estate sale right in our neighborhood! It was a dog lovers dream! A vintage dog lovers dream 😉


But through the treasure of pups I found a designer Irene suit set while browsing through the Art Deco green bathroom. Designer Irene made costumes for Ginger Rogers and Claudette Colbert to name a few. By 1943 Irene was the lead costume designer at MGM.

Irene had a clothing salon at the department store Bullocks on Wilshire.  This photo is the suit I found and the jacket fits like a dream.


A peek inside this historic duplex in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles. Lots of great paintings and fun treasures! My favorite of course is the Art Deco green bathroom.


Imagine sipping some ice tea with the summer breeze coming in while listening to the old gramaphone. This home suited my taste buds.


Ended the morning at my favorite cafe, Olson’s Scandinavian. Of course not only does this place make me feel at home it also has vintage charm! Greta Garbo would of approved. Have a great weekend!


Estate sales,Hollywood style.

I love going to estate sales to see inside houses that have untouched original features left. Today I went to the estate sale of Earl Adams,famed Hollywood hairdresser. He was Veronica Lake’s hairdresser from 1945-48. Earl Adams was responsible for her gorgeous waves. The house also once belonged to the Max Factor family, so its safe to say this house has many beauty secrets.

Earl Adams did actress Veronica Lake’s hair.
Here we have the very cute storybook house. Max Factor family and then Earl Adams lived here.
The main hallway of the house.
The Salon!
Loved the pool area!
How vintage fantastic is this kitchen?



Here are some of the goodies I found at the estate sale. Old beauty books and hair combs. I also loved the statue that is a hairdresser of the year award for Earl Adams. My cat Lulu had to get in the photo too! I hope you enjoyed a peek inside this old Hollywood home! I hope to bring you more!

Demille’s lost city

Three years ago I visited Demille’s lost city. Located outside of Guadelupe CA, near the coast (Nipomo Dunes) The first thing I noticed is exactly why Demille wanted to film there,it transports you to a middle eastern desert plus you have the advantage of the ocean right there. It’s quite a surreal place!

In 1923 Cecil B Demille filmed the Ten Commandments. This movie had the most expensive set at that time. Demille of course liked to go big! Demille was so over budget that Paramount founder Adolph Zukor demanded Demille to return to Los Angeles at once! Of course Demille finished the movie on location in the sand dunes of the central coast.

Demille sets were so extravagant that he literally built a city on this location. When the movie was done he had no choice but to leave the set there since there was no budget left to haul it back, but the land owner contract said everything must be brought down. Demille actually thought about leaving everything up but didn’t want other directors filming with his set creation. They used dynamite to bring down the city and buried everything. You can still see debris from the movie set when I went.

Driving in the Dunes.



If you look closely you can see lots of debris on top of the dune.
More debris. Zoom in.
I call this my honeymoon dress since I was newly married at this time. Where the desert and ocean meet.
You can see how perfect it is to film a desert scene here.


Some of the artifacts they have uncovered from the set of Ten Commandments that Demille buried in the desert.

The Sheik was also filmed at this location. 1921.
The small town of Guadelupe CA.
Love the old advertisement! In Guadelupe,CA.


For more information about the Nipomo Dunes film history and the museum visit Dunes Center .

Al Checco

Last year I stumbled upon Al Checcos estate sale. I am a sucker for photos and left with a big stack.  Al Checco,known for being the comedy partner of Don Knotts in entertaining the troops during World War 2 and also had parts on the Andy Griffith show. Checco got his start on broadway and has been in various films and tv shows.

I thought I would share some of my favorite photos that I’ve obtained. I also found some sheet music that was actress Jean Bradley’s,which was Checcos wife. Sadly she passed away at only 28 from Polio while on tour with the musical Oklahoma.

The beautiful Jean Bradley
Al Checco and Wife, Jean Bradley




Looks like they are outside a theater and looking at their names on the bill!






Wedding photo of Checco and Jean.



Marilyn Monroe items from Julien’s Auction.

I never did get around to posting the photos of the Marilyn Monroe auction exhibit from Julien’s that happened last November. I actually went to the exhibit twice, it was that good! This blog post won’t be too detailed since the photos speak for themselves. Each photo would be a blog post in itself!

My favorite items were the candid photographs. I actually thought the candid photos were some of the best photos of Monroe I’ve ever seen.

Of course the main attraction was the dress Monroe wore to JFK’s birthday party. Sequins and skin the dress has been called, and it truly is!

Designed by Jean Louis,it has 2500 rhinestones. The dress was so tight it had to be sewn while Monroe was wearing it. It fetched 4.8 million!
One of my favorite images at the auction.




Proof Monroe and Bobby Kennedy were the “new item”
Marilyn’s phone book.
I love memorabilia from the Beverly Hills Hotel. A receipt for Mrs Dimaggio.
Receipt for eyelashes from Elizabeth Arden.
Joe Dimaggio’s razor. I was really tempted to bid on this for my husband!





Of course this is not everything that was at the auction exhibit, but I thought I would show you some of my favorite items! As you can see my favorite things were the photographs. A big thank you to Julien’s auction for letting the public view all the great Marilyn Monroe memorabilia!



Hollywood Scrapbook

I thought I would share some of the images from a vintage scrapbook I have. I actually found this scrapbook in a small town in MN,I have another old Hollywood scrapbook made by the same lady as well. She must of loved Hollywood because she wrote on the front this scrapbook was Vol 9! I also will include some of the magazine captions that went along with every photo, if you see the * symbol, it came from the magazine,not me. Unfortunately I have no clue which magazine press these came from. Hope you enjoy!

She must of loved cats too! Much to my liking! On top the girl who made the scrapbook lists her favorite songs. The beautiful Janet Gaynor of course.
Thelma Todd shortly before her death. Below it talks about Mae West and how her bedroom is to be reproduced next spring for the London housing exposition. It will be complete with mirrors above the gilded bed and white bearskin rig on the floor. To the left it mentions Lew Ayres and Ginger Rogers marriage is Reno bound. It is further whispered that a hamburger stand is responsible. It happened on their wedding day. They proceeded separately to the church. Ginger and party drove by a hamburger stand and saw Lew and his best man munching on hamburgers. It was said Ginger was so annoyed over the incident she refused to look at Lew during the ceremony.
*Ann Sothern in a Brown Derby cubicle,enjoying a Chinese dish very much,thank you. Chopsticks take a little practice then you frown at a fork or spoon,according to Ann.
*Marlene Dietrich. Capable Dramatic Actress, Did Not Become A Box Office Sensation Till It Was Discovered She Had Worlds Most Beautiful Legs.




Gloria Stuart


Jean Harlow
*Freckled face Myrna Loy. Her real name is Williams and her parents are Montana ranchers. Myrna was dancing at Hollywood’s Chinese theater when discovered by the late Rudolph Valentino and given a small part in pictures. Finally earning starring roles,Myrna walked out last year on MGM and returned only when they doubled her $750 weekly salary.
*Mae West,43. Despite her many curves she weighs only 120 pounds. Her bust measures 36 inches,waist 26 inches,thighs 19 1/2 inches,calves 13 1/2 inches and ankles 8 1/2 inches. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall.
*Greta Garbo makes $9,000 a week and is still the greatest box office star in world outside of America.
*Marion Davies. As great as her screen talent is Marion’s business genius. Her fortune is among Hollywood’s largest. Aside from screen,Marion makes money selling blooms and bulbs to retail florists. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall,a natural blonde and weighs 120 pounds. She has never married.




*Lupe loves dogs and canaries,says she acts just as she feels always. She knew little English when she first came to Hollywood,so humorous friends taught her to swear. Lupe did it feverishly and shocked her neighbors. Now she knows better and says, “I’m as dignified and dull as anyone.”

Up above we have Clara Bow

*This is Eleanor Whitney, 18-year-old Paramount dance star,as she appears without any makeup on her face. Uncommonly pretty, Eleanor has no need of makeup in private life.
*Here is the Paramount beauty expert’s diagram of Eleanor’s face as he makes it up for camera. Numbers on the chart indicate different shades of grease paint. All are carefully blended together when applied.
*And here is Eleanor completely made up and ready to step before the movie camera.

Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd in Hancock Park.

Hancock Park,my favorite neighborhood in Los Angeles. The streets are lined with mansions from the 1920s and looks almost the same as it did then. You can see why the academy award winning 2011 silent film The Artist used Hancock Park for their locations. One of the few neighborhoods where they do not tear down all the historic homes in L.A.

Founded by the Hancock family with money they earned from oil. George Allen Hancock was the man who developed the neighborhood. He grew up in what is now the La Brea tar pits,which is down the street from me and of course walking distance to historic Hancock Park.

A drive down one of the historic streets in Hancock Park is like taking a step back in time. You can imagine silent film stars hiding out in the big mansions and in fact quite a few did! The stories each house has would be incredible to know.

Silent film stars,Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd both had houses in Hancock Park before they built their grand estates in Beverly Hills.

Buster Keaton had a few homes in Hancock Park. Here are the two that I know of.

Buster Keatons house on Muirfield. He lived here with wife Natalie Talmadge. Rumor has it Natalie became tired of this house and so the grand Italian Villa was built.
The same house today!
Buster Keaton lived here for a short time with Natalie and her mother. On Plymouth Blvd.
This house I am not sure where it is.I tried to pin down the address,but I had no luck finding this house. Perhaps it has been torn down?
I believe this photo was taken outside the house above. Buster is seen here with his sister in law Constance Talmadge.


Harold Lloyd in Hancock Park.

This house still sits on the corner on Irving Blvd. I am not even sure if anyone even lives in it! Only sign of life I have seen are the birds taking residence in the trees. Lloyd lived here early in his career with wife Mildred. I do wonder if the imported plant vase from Italy is still guarding the rear entrance of the mansion. It was built in 1921 with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.
Here is the house today! I have more photos of the house but I cannot locate them! I’ll go back soon and take more! As you can see behind me the house does not look very kept up. I would love to see the inside! Maybe someday!
Harold Lloyd and Mildred Davis
There you have my little introduction to Hancock Park! I’ll be blogging more about the neighborhood and its historic houses in the near future! 

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